Selena Kitt Weighs In On ‘Baumgartners’ Sequel

LOS ANGELES—The sequel to Babysitting the Baumgartners is now available as a exclusive.

Adventures With the Baumgartners will mark the first time that a novel and the adult movie based on that novel will see simultaneous release. Author Selena Kitt is thrilled to see her work played out in XXX form, discussing the movies in a recent .

Both movies have been directed by Kay Brandt and star Anikka and Mick Blue as the adventurous couple—the only married couple in history to ever both win Performer of the Year trophies.

“It’s so interesting to be shooting a movie based on a book where the author is so involved and so excited,” Anikka said. “It really adds another layer to the movie and is really awesome.”

Adam & Eve has released both Baumgartners movies. Babysitting the Baumgartners received dozens of awards nominations and several wins, including the AVN Award for Best Polyamory Movie.

The SFW trailer for Adventures with the Baumgartners is .