Third Degree Hops on the Parody Train With TMSleaze

PORN VALLEY—As we noted in our cover story in the current issue, parodies have taken the adult industry by storm ... but the link-up between adult director (and former stand-up comic) Quasarman and the guys that run adult comedy site , Brian Bangs and Spock Buckton, promises to raise the bar another notch.

"Popporn, as you know, is a very popular adult comedy blog site," The Quaze told AVN, "and we did a movie with them called Popporn: The Guide to Making Fuck, which got Editor's Choice in AVN this month, which is exciting, and it came out good, and we thought, 'Well, here's something irreverent that we also would like to do, this TMSleaze thing, so we brought [Brian and Spock] on board first as sort of writers, but then they ended up flying out here and helping us make the movie."

TMSleaze, of course, is a parody of the top-rated TV show TMZ, and according to Quasarman, the movie will send up some of the hottest gossip events of the past couple of years.

"We have ," The Quaze reported. "I have him getting out of the car with a glass of scotch wearing no pants, unloading anti-Semitic rhetoric, really offensive. Ann Marie Rios plays the cop; she pulls him over; he gets out of the car, and the first thing he says is, 'You fucking Jews know how to wreck a party.' "

"We have the very talented Ben English playing Simon Cowell from American Idol, Francesca Lé as Paula Abdul and Tori Black as Kara DioGuardi, and we did a big spoof on that," he further detailed. "We also did a parody of Britney Spears, played by Andi Anderson. Those are a couple of our main sex scenes, and we intersperse those with guest appearances. We have Joanna Angel as Amy Winehouse; I myself play the Sham-Wow guy after he's had his tongue bitten off by a hooker, and I'm cornered by a TMSleaze paparazzi who asks me if I'm okay, so I demonstrate that the Sham-Wow is able to absorb most of the blood."

However, AVN was present for what may be the ultimate TMZ parody scene: "Speidi"–in other words, Spencer Pratt (James Deen, in a blonde wig) and wife Heidi Montag (Brynn Tyler) of the MTV "reality show" The Hills—who've just been informed that their rivals have made a hardcore video, and the TMSleaze cameras are going to give them a chance to one-up the competition.

The scene takes place at a nightclub filled with beautiful extras, where Spencer and Heidi are only too happy to mug for TMSleaze's cameras—but once the clothes are off, Quasarman has a little trouble getting the attention of his performers.

"Hey, Jew, you wanna take your schvanze out of the shiksa long enough to give me some dialog here?" he pleads.

Deen, ever the professional, does, but it's the hot action that follows that will hold viewers' attention, as Deen skewers Brynn's pussy mish, spoon, doggie and sidesaddle. But it's when Brynn rides his cock reverse cowgirl style that the scene really takes off, with Brynn throwing her arms in the air, squeezing her tits and generally mugging for the TMSleaze camera, the paparazzi and the club onlookers before Deen finally plants his seed on her tongue.

TMSleaze, from Third Degree, will street on Aug. 18 features a gallery of photos from TMSleaze and a gallery of 3D photos from the set.