Joanna Angel Movie Kicks Off Adam & Eve’s IAC Brand

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Joanna Angel’s Not Another Porn Movie, hitting the street this week, is the premier release from Adam & Eve’s new Independent Adult Cinema (IAC) imprint.

Peter Reynolds, sales and marketing VP, called IAC’s lineup of directors “very alternative—but not ‘Alt.’ They just have a different, more creative way of shooting adult. We’ve got Benny Profane next month, Carlos Batts the following month, a Joe Gallant movie in pre-production.

“I want to branch off from the generic adult production and do some really different things. Joanna embodies all of that. She’s a perfect example of someone who follows her own instinct—a very unique personality, perfect for this line.”

Reynolds and Angel go back some three years together, when her Joanna’s Angels was one of the first Alt-Porn releases through VCA Pictures. This is the first she’s directed for Adam & Eve.

“It’s a really silly movie,” she said, “a porn movie about making a porn movie, and everything’s going wrong. I played on porno stereotypes, like the Naughty Nurse, Slutty Secretary, the Cable Guy and the Pizza Guy, and they’re all kind of interacting with one another.

“The best part is anytime anyone says anything kinda sexy, like ‘I know what I can do to make you feel better,’ the music kicks in and you hear like ‘70s porno music. And the camera pans back and you see a live band playing it and they’re like dudes in tuxedos, with an upright string bass.”

The band is named Nick Hick and Jew of the Dead. “We also have music from the Bloodhound Gang in the movie, which is pretty cool. They’re a band that’s on the radio a lot, or they used to be.”

She shot the movie in New York. “I guess if I was really making a porn that made fun of porn I probably should have shot it in the Valley. But it has like a unique, funny feel to it.”

She said it’s different from the movies she makes for her own company, Burning Angel, in that it has a story line. “This is a full feature with a beginning, middle and an end. People are playing characters.”

Angel plays the movie’s director, and the other women are Pixie Pearl, Jade Jolie and January Darling.

“They’re all girls from Burning Angel, girls on my website. You probably won’t recognize a lot of them. Not the same girls you’ve seen everywhere else.”

It also features her favorite clown, Tommy Pistol, as the Pizza Guy. “He’s kind of the star. The movie is about him being late for work, and the drama that ensues.”

“It’s entertainment,” Reynolds said. “A movie that you can laugh to—and jack off to.”

Angel and Reynolds are “talking about” a new project for IAC. “We’ll see what happens,” Angel said. “These features really take a lot out of me and I can only make so many of them a year. But I would like to make something later this year.”

Not Another Porn Movie, she said, was about three months in the making, start to finish, from writing the script to casting to figuring out the logistics of shooting in New York with a cast and crew up mostly of people who “don’t necessarily work on porn all the time.”

Actual shooting time was four days. “I think we could have filmed it in two days,” Angel said, “but everybody was laughing so much, we had to stop for like half hour periods of time because we just had to laugh, the whole movie is just so ridiculous.”

“It’s as far as you can get away from a one-day shoot in Canoga Park,” Reynolds said. “And once the movie’s handed in, it’s finished, I treat it as a special thing too. We’re definitely going to make another movie together.”

Reynolds added that response from distributors “has been very, very strong. A lot of the buyers are inundated with so much product that they become immune, jaded, almost numb from the sheer volume coming out.

“And here I am saying, ‘Here’s a line where we’re celebrating the uniqueness of these directors that have visions, they’re not afraid to shoot what they feel in their hearts. They’re trying to raise the bar. And people are responding to that, they’re saying, ‘Thank God, you’re making something that’s different, I applaud you. I’ll take 50.’”

Adam & Eve plans an official release party on Friday, February 8, at the Beauty Bar in Hollywood. Evites will go out later this week.

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