Joanna Angel DVDs Featured In <i>I Am Legend</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Two of Joanna Angel's VCA box covers are prominently displayed in scenes from last weekend's highest-grossing Hollywood film, I Am Legend.

"Will Smith is the last man on earth, so he goes into a Tower Records and talks to a mannequin, 'cause he's lonely and there's some sexy mannequin there that he becomes friends with," Angel told AVN. "And two of the times that he goes there to talk to the mannequin, you can clearly see the movies [Joanna's Angels 2: Alt Throttle and Joanna Angel's Guide 2 Humping] in the background. That's what I was told. I haven't seen it, but that seems to be what happens. One of my fans told me they yelled out in the theater, 'I have that porn!' Which I think is pretty rad."

Angel said she was contacted two years ago by a friend who was working on a mainstream film and told her the director needed some porn to be in a shot.

"We didn't even ask what movie it was, or who was in it or anything, so this was totally a surprise," she said. "It's pretty cool. And from what people tell me, it's almost like the movies didn't really need to be in the shot, so it's almost like the director really wanted my movies to be in there for some strange reason that I just can't figure out. And I'm still not a hundred percent sure that that's how [they] got in there, but I think it is, 'cause that would logically make sense."

Angel only became aware of her movies' appearance in the Warner Bros. release over the weekend, when friends and fans began bombarding her with the news.

"The first person to call me was Tommy Pistol, because he's on the cover with me of Joanna Angel's Guide 2 Humping, so he was really excited," she said. "And then people just kept calling me and telling me, and I'm getting all these messages on MySpace, too.

"It would be pretty cool if Will Smith could help me sell a few more copies of my movies," she added. "Cause it's around Christmas time, and I could really use the money."