Date Joanna Angel ... and Learn How to Please a JILF

LOS ANGELES—Joanna Angel is not the only hot porn star offering herself up as a prize at Belladonna and Kimberly Kane’s Winter Wonderland party to benefit AIM Healthcare, taking place tomorrow at Busby’s, located on L.A.’s Miracle Mile in mid-city.

But she is the only one who comes with an instruction manual, courtesy of Details magazine.

In an article by Ian Daly on the Details website, dated Nov. 30, the punk rock porn princess shares “7 Do’s and Don’ts of Dating a JILF”—in other words, as Daly puts it, how to date “a lady of the tribe without coming across like a hopeless goy, er guy.”

Angel offers some tips that will help even when dating more traditionally inclined Jewish women.

First there are the don’ts, one of which stands out as particularly good advice: Don’t hate on Mom. As Angel says, “It’s not good to go out on a date with a guy that doesn’t talk to his mom—and she’s alive. … [F]or Jewish girls, it’s a thing.”

Then there are the do’s. It may not take a deep understanding of Jewish culture to figure that this target demographic will expect their date to have his act together, but Angel puts things succinctly: “Jewish people are hardworking individuals, and it's hard to find anything to talk about if the guy doesn't work.”

She adds, “Biggest turn-on careers for me? Porn star, of course. And musician—meaning somebody pays you to play music, not 'You play music alone in your room and post it on YouTube.' If you're really making a living off anything you started doing for fun, I think that's pretty rad."

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