Burning Angel Launches Redesigned Website

NEW YORK - has launched with an all-new design. In the works for more than a year, the site contains all of its old-time hooks, such as band interviews, record reviews and —of course — XXX photos and videos with the most authentic and hottest alternative girls on the Internet.

In addition, BurningAngel.com has added a plethora of new goodies, including an advice column titled "Assk Joanna," where members can write in and submit questions to Joanna's ass, as well as Video Game reviews, an Events and Street Team section and a monthly band contest where BurningAngel patrons have the chance to win free albums from some the hippest bands out there!

While keeping up with the punk edge it has become known for through its color scheme and layout, the new BurningAngel.com manages to simultaneously be a clean and crisp online editorial. The social aspect of the site went through a major renovation as well, now allowing its members to socially network with models and each other through Chat, Comments and Blogs, much like the functionalities of MySpace or Facebook.

"We tried to make it possible for people to go onto BurningAngel.com and just hang out there all day. It's a great site for people who like spending as much time on the Internet as I do," said BurningAngel founder Joanna Angel.

BurningAngel.com allows each member and model to create a Profile, add friends, pick Favorite Videos and Photos, write testimonials, comment on other profiles and blog, venting about day-to-day life, posting parties and pictures and communicating with each other.

Burning Angel Art Director and master behind the redesign, Alex Chechs, said, "BurningAngel.com has always had a strong on- and offline community, but the new redesign allows everyone to maximize the social networking aspect that has taken over the Internet space. The goal was to show how much great content BurningAngel.com has and how diverse and interesting our user base is. Coming from a traditional product and graphic design background, the emphasis became the integration of Content and User, as well as to make BurningAngel.com the most intimate social networking adult site on the Internet."