Joanna Angel To Speak at Indiana U.

NEW YORK – Performer Joanna Angel will speak to students during a Human Sexuality class at Indiana University on Monday, March 24. Angel will show clips from her movies and hand out sex toys while giving students a positive view of pornography.

Of course, the toys she will be handing out will be from Topco Sales' line of Burning Angel novelties, licensed by Angel. Among the products are the Joanna Angel 5-inch and 7-inch waterproof vibes, the 7X Waterproof Bullet, bondage tape, and the Joanna Angel cyberskin pussy and ass strokers.

Miranda Doyle, Topco Sales' licensing manager, said, "This is a great way to introduce sex toys to people who may have never seen them before; plus I imagine it is rare for students to know someone who works in the sex industry. Having Joanna there to help educate young adults about sex, the adult industry and sex toys is an incredible opportunity for everyone involved and we're happy to be a part of it."

For her part, Angel noted, "No one ever gave me free sex toys in college! I'm jealous!"

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