Topco Confirms its Cyberskin Products Have No Toxins

Despite published reports in some magazines and Web sites, Topco Sales says Greenpeace officials confirmed that its Cyberskin products do not have phthalates or chemicals that could harm human beings.

Greenpeace Netherlands issued a report on Sept. 6, conducted by the TNO research lab which showed its Cyberskin products did not contain the phthalates, which have been shown to be harmful to rodents in large doses according to recent tests.

The testing involved eight different sex toys, including Topco’s Cyberskin toy which was shown to be the only of the eight toys not to contain the chemicals, the company said.

Desiree Duffie, Topco’s director of marketing and public relations, said the tests confirmed the company’s position that its Cyberskin products were safe to use.

“At Topco Sales we’ve said all along that CyberSkin is Phthalate free, however despite that, and even despite the recent Greenpeace report, there are still news groups and misinformed individuals incorrectly stating that CyberSkin products contain phthalates. Part of this misinformation stems from the incredible popularity of CyberSkin,” she said.

“As a result of that popularity, many similar materials have been mimicked within the adult novelty industry. Unknowing consumers, retailers and press often refer to any soft, stretchy or ‘jelly-like’ material as CyberSkin. Even though other products may be similar to CyberSkin, Topco Sales is the original, and the original does not contain phthalates.”

The company said all CyberSkin materials are on approved lists by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and do not contain polyvinyl chloride or PVC, heavy metals or latex, citing the importance of health of the consumer as well as its employees who manufacture the products. Topco Sales uses non-toxic additives approved by the FDA.