Rob Rotten Releases 'The Best of Rachel Rotten vol. 1'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Madcap director and social miscreant Rob Rotten has lived through motorcycle accidents, redneck bar fights, and the embarrassment of watching his horror-porn masterpiece The Texas Vibrator Massacre go unrewarded at this year’s AVN Awards Show. But, nothing in Rotten’s God-forgotten life has ever ripped his heart out like the loss of his beloved Rachel Rotten.

In fond memory of his ex-girlfriend’s insides, the punk rock auteur has spawned The Best of Rachel Rotten vol. 1, a collection of previously unreleased footage starring the iconic alt star. The DVD ships to retailers and distributors June 1 through JM Productions.

“I get e-mails and letters every day from people asking if Rachel will ever come back to porn,” laments Rotten. “I wish she would, because me and her had some really good times together. I remember how good it felt to cum in her mouth and stuff, we really had something special.”

The Best of Rachel Rotten showcases Rob and Rachel’s love affair in six never-before-released hardcore fuck scenes, featuring exclusive commentary from Rotten. The production arrives on the heels of Rotten’s critically acclaimed dope show Bong Load Girls.

While some may question Rotten’s decision to look back instead of forward, JM publicist Tony Malice understands the industry vet’s vision.

“To fully understand Rob’s future, one must understand his past,” Malice explains. “Rachel entered the porn industry at the ripe age of 18 after being convinced by Rob that eating sperm for money was the punk rock thing to do. It was an extremely romantic time in Rob’s life. The only thing he loved more than Rachel was the Germs cassettes he stole from Sam Goody as a kid.”

Though Rotten has yet to disclose the reason for their breakup, Malice suspects that the relationship may have come to an end over the director’s inexplicable “Poison” tattoo, curiously located on his shaft.

“Every time she blew him, she saw that Poison tat and thought about Bret Michaels,” he speculates. "Rob's a talented pornographer, but even he can't compare to the guy who wrote 'Here I Go Again' ... oh, wait, that was Whitesnake."

Rachel Rotten received an AVN nomination for Best New Starlet in 2004.

Distributors can order The Best of Rachel Rotten vol. 1 by contacting JM Productions at (800) 550-3659. Fans can order at .