Paul Chaplin Departs Bluebird Films

LONDON—After swirling rumors for weeks that he had left the company, Bluebird Films owner Paul Chaplin announced today on the company's that he was "flying away from Bluebird."

"Well folks, it's been a long journey," Chaplin said. "Getting on for a decade of Bluebird life. And time has come for me to fly on to other things. It's news that's had mixed receptions, depending on the audience. But some things just have their time."

Chaplin, who also produced, directed and performed for Bluebird, says that his focus now will be on Loaded, the struggling British lad mag he last month.

"I've retired from performing in order to do other things, including of course steering Loaded magazine into a new generation of life, as well as building and performing in the mainstream channel on Sky 200 starting later in the year," Chaplin said.

Bluebird Films had made a huge impression on American audiences in recent years. Titles such as Bonny & Clide, BatfXXX and Katwoman XXX won numerous AVN Awards.

"We won the awards, we made the money, and we made audiences around the world happy," he said. "And the next decade of my life will be in a totally different direction. I'm lucky that I had the opportunity to create Bluebird. And rest assured it's in good hands."

It was not immediately known who would take over for Chaplin, or if the company was sold. Bluebird president Nicholas Steele, who supervises production and the company's day-to-day operations, did not immediately return an email seeking comment.

Above: Chaplin pictured with Dylan Ryder, Natasha Marley and Linsey Dawn McKenzie, left to right.