Kissa Sins Scene With Xander Corvus Live on Jules Jordan Site

LOS ANGELES—The January issue of AVN included an interview with Kissa Sins about her big move into doing boy/girl scenes with men other than her IRL partner, adult star Johnny Sins. And today’s the big day that fans finally get to see her in action. Titled “The Corruption of Kissa Sins,” the scene is live on .

Kissa finally revealed the identity of her partner when she talked to AVN before the scene went live. “My first-ever scene is with Xander Corvus and I’m so happy I chose him to be my first because he was perfect!!” she exulted. “A lot of people were encouraging me to do my first scene with a more ‘vanilla’ performer, and told me I should work my way up to Xander because he’s such an intense performer. But I’m SO happy I didn’t listen to them and did what I wanted to do because I LOVE rough sex and it was literally the perfect day.”

To hear Kissa Sins talk about the whole shoot, click here to listen to the video on the SinsTV YouTube channel.

Sins also shared some details with AVN about how the shoot went. “It was funny—when we both asked each other before the scene what our rules/limits were, we both said ‘What are limits?!?!’”

She said she told Corvus, “Fuck me as hard as you want!!”

Recalling more details, Sins said, “The funniest part of the day was when we were doing the intro tease part, and Jules directed us to do this whole bit where I walk over to Xander and tease him, play with his tie, then walk back over to the bed area and dance for him and rub myself all over him before he even touches me. But the SECOND Jules said, ‘Action!!’ Xander grabbed me by the neck and face and pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me like crazy and licking my face and spitting on my face and my red lipstick was EVERYWHERE. It was amazing!!

“I was most nervous about the ‘first kiss’ but I had no time to be nervous the way he just grabbed me like that.” she continued. “So that intro tease part never happened, but extremely intense sex did—and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day!”

Sins will appear at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, which starts tomorrow at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. She will be signing in the Jules Jordan Video booth.