'Having Sex, with Katie Morgan'

HOLLYWOOD—The performance series "Having Sex, with Katie Morgan," the former adult actress's interview show that's scheduled to be a bi-weekly event at director Kevin Smith's Smodcastle, definitely shows the importance of commas in news reporting, since (sadly) no one had sex with Katie on stage Wednesday evening—but the (again, sadly) less-than-packed house got to see the fledgling comedienne bare parts of her own sex life while answering questions posed by the audience, and everyone got some good laughs from it.

Prompted by interviewer Smith (Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma), who'd hired Morgan for his film Zach & Miri Make A Porno, Katie announced that she'd recently "lost" her husband. No, he wasn't dead; it's just that he was a Canadian citizen, and when the pair were visiting his home country recently, he wasn't allowed to cross back into the U.S. because the couple couldn't prove they were married—and Katie was forced to spend her three-month isolation from him with masturbation as her only release.

"I did it so much, I thought I was going to rub it off," she said.

The star of the HBO series Katie Morgan's Sex Quiz, a new episode of which will debut on December 2, then told the audience about her pet wallaby... and his massive set of balls, which she admired for size, but, "I don't feel 'em; that'd be gross."

Other topics included what size dick she likes (5-10 inches; "Less than 5 and I get whiney"); whether its girth is important ("If it's a little hotdog weenie, it's kind of pokey."); whether it's fun to give a blowjob ("It can be."); how porn sex differs from real-life sex ("On porn sets, it's not about [attraction]; it's just work."); and whether she misses being non-monogamous ("No, I don't have that terrible longing, but I think about it. I watch my own movies sometimes to remember it.")

"Chicks randomly flash me," Katie noted when discussing her current hometown, Las Vegas. When asked whether she was as attracted to women as to men, she said, "I always made out with girls, but I only went down on two chicks before I got into porn." She also said she likes the fact that, "Chicks are way more verbal with each other during sex."

"My boyfriend's penis is too large—HELP!" one questioner wrote, but Katie really didn't have an answer for her. "Get another boyfriend? Try anal?" she responded unhelpfully.

Katie admitted that her favorite position is, "Doggie, low doggie, so I can grind back."

"I like to get pounded," she added. "I like to fuck, and there's a reason: I get mine."

Katie mused about whether vaginal orgasms are mythical—"Like the Loch Ness monster?" Smith asked—but she seemed to be saying that she had them anyway.

The evening concluded—much too quickly, in the view of many—with a discussion of "snowballing": Where a woman holds the man's cum in her mouth and kisses it back to him. She distinguished this from ordinary cum-swapping, which would be when a woman kisses the cum into another woman's mouth.

Those who don't want to wait for Morgan's next performance will apparently be able to download a podcast of the evening from the , and can find out about future Morgan appearances (and other Smith-related events) .