Alex Chance Refutes Accusations in 'Peter' Letter

LOS ANGELES—Adult performer Alex Chance contacted AVN today to respond publicly to claims made in a letter that was supposedly sent to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (and was definitely sent to blogger Mike South) by someone using the name “Peter,” an (alleged) estranged married man who claims to have caught syphilis from Chance during an all-night escort “date” one year ago at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, Calif. “Peter” claims to have also given the disease to his wife after their reconciliation, says it has devastated his family, and praises AHF for its “fight to bring mandatory condoms to the Porn Industry.”

The fight referred to by "Peter" is a push to pass Assembly Bill 332, a statewide law that would require condom use during sex scenes on adult movie sets. (For the latest developments regarding AB 332, click .)

A redacted version of the letter was quickly posted to, but an obvious clue to Chance’s identity was left in, inadvertently according to South., meanwhile, posted a version of the letter with Chance’s name in it.

Before we go any further, the allegations made against Chance in the letter are very easy to debunk. Since this alleged encounter took place, Chance has shot many adult films, which would be impossible to do if she were positive for syphilis. That fact alone weighs against the anonymous author's credibility.

In addition to agreeing to answer questions about the letter's version of events, Chance also offered up the official results of her most recent test, which she just received today. The report from Cutting Edge Testing, given to AVN with written permission from Chance, shows that Chance was tested on May 7. The test center's official document clearly shows negative results for syphilis (by both RPR and T. Pallidum Conf tests), as well as negative for HIV, chlamydia and gonorrhea (all by Gen-Probe's Aptima RNA testing systems).

"The test really speaks for itself," said Cutting Edge Testing owner Dr. Peter Miao. "If the test says there's no evidence for that, then that's it. Nobody needs to say anything more. If the test is negative, then it's negative, and the person can't give that disease to anyone else because they don't have it themselves."

Following the interview with Alex Chance, the "Peter" letter is reproduced exactly as it was posted to on May 7.

AVN: When and how did you first hear about this alleged letter from “Peter”? Which version was it?

ALEX CHANCE: Alia Janine had tweeted something about “Is Alex Chance the next Mr. Marcus?” And then she tweeted six reasons why AB 332 would pass, and I was the sixth reason. I had asked her why she would post that, and she said, “Oh, you haven’t read that yet.” And she texted me the names of the websites, and … I asked her nicely to take down the Tweets and she said no. …

Several people tweeted me in support, because anybody in this industry who knows me knows I’m not a high-risk performer. I have never had an STD in the industry, but if I did, I would go through the proper procedures.

AVN: What was your first reaction when you read it?

AC: I was shocked. I had no idea where it came from.

AVN: This alleged event took place about a year ago, at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. Have you ever met anyone at that hotel to engage in the type of sex described in the letter?

AC: I have only been to the Roosevelt twice. Once was to go to the pool to meet some friends who were staying there, during the day. And the second time I had friends in from out of town and we were going to an industry party at the Roxbury so we got a room at the Roosevelt prior to the party so we wouldn’t drive drunk. Those are the only times I’ve ever been to the Roosevelt, and both times were about a year ago—I’m not sure of the dates; it may have been around last summer. It’s been a long while.

AVN: Have you ever tested positive for syphilis? When was the last time you got tested?

AC: I worked with Mr. Marcus last July. As soon as I found out about the syphilis scare, I got tested. I went and got tested as soon as I could. I stopped working during that period. I didn’t want to take any chances. I was tested—I want to say three times. [Chance later checked the dates: August 17, September 4 and October 3.] I was tested, and then retested and retested again. I was given prophylactic treatment at the time, as were other performers. I was tested as many times as I was required to test in order to get back to work. I have never had a positive syphilis test, or any positive test for any STDs, for that matter.

AVN: Have you ever gone on that type of “date” for

AC: No. I have never gone on a date for The Luxury Companion.

AVN: Have you ever engaged in the type of unprotected sex described in the letter—meaning, with a stranger who paid you to have sex in private?

AC: I would never engage in such high-risk behavior. I only have unprotected sex with tested individuals. And that is on camera, for porn, and also with my boyfriend, who has been tested. Even when I was a civilian, I was always vigilant about my safety. I always wanted to make sure I was taking as many precautions as possible. If you ask somebody who’s not in the industry when they’ve been tested, most people wouldn’t know. … Now that I’m in the industry, I’m tested every two weeks to every 28 days.

AVN: What else about the letter rings false to you? Is there anything in it that rings true at all?

AC: None of it really makes sense, honestly. Whoever this guy is says that his friend pays for this. And then he realizes, after we’ve gone to dinner he realizes it’s full service, and I’m insisting on not using a condom. I would never have sex with a stranger without a condom. With my job—my job is staying healthy. If I don’t stay healthy, I can’t perform. … For him to bring up specifically in the letter that he expected the industry’s testing to keep him safe, it seems a little interesting to me [given the timing of releasing the letter during the hearings on the condom law].

AVN: Anything else you want to say about the letter, the way it’s been published or people’s reaction to it?

I heard that AHF sent this letter out to multiple channels. I wish that Mike South or AdultFYI had contacted me to ask about whether I had ever had syphilis. … To say that I have syphilis and herpes is horrible. That could have affected my work. Companies could have cancelled me. It could have been a lot worse.

* * * *

Here is the abridged text of the letter as received by the adult websites noted above:

My name Peter. First, I would like to commend you on your fight to bring mandatory condoms to the Porn Industry. I would like to tell you my story. I am a married man for over 10 years. About one year ago my wife and I decided to take a break and see other people. This trial separation lasted only two weeks but it forever changed my life. I have a friend who works in the porn industry and he told me, don’t worry, I will take care of you. He booked me a girl through an agency called The Luxury Companion. The girl’s name was A… C….. My friend paid for her to spend the night with me. I picked her up and we went out to dinner. We had a great time and ended up at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. My friend had apparently bought me a full package with Ms. Take A Chance so I decided to use it. That night we had sex. She told me she was a pornstar and regularly tested so I figured it would be safe to have sex without protection. I know I was clean because I had been married for the past 10 years and only been with my wife and have had regular physicals where I have been tested for all STD’s. Long story short, we had a full night of unprotected sex and said our goodbyes in the morning. I never expected to even think about that night again for as long as I lived. A few weeks later my wife and I reconciled and went to therapy to improve our marriage. A few months later my wife started developing a rash in her pubic region. I took her to the doctor to find out she had been infected with Herpes and Syphilis. I got tested also to find out that I had the same diagnosis. Our family was devastated. It all happened because I decided that the porn industry’s testing procedure would keep me safe, even though I was just what they call a “civilian”. They claim that the diseases that come into their business are contracted by people like me but it’s not true. This girl ruined my family’s life. I came clean to my wife about what had happened and she left me.

Please feel free to use my story however you see fit and good luck with AB332. You have a lot more support than you think.