Web Vixen: Interview with Isabella Clark

I know you live in Russia, so how did you get started in the business?
My career started two years ago in November 2009 with a scene for Devil’s Film. At that time I didn’t aspire to achieve anything in porn. I was too young and inexperienced in sex. But I always longed for adventures, uncommon things, and people who could make my life brighter or change it somehow. Porn was one of those such things; that’s why I decided to try it. I found a man through social networking who was looking for girls to film. I got in touch with him and later he organized a shoot for me. It was a boy/girl scene. I couldn’t describe my feelings after that; they were very strange, but I considered this experience very interesting, and step by step proved to be totally absorbed by the porn world.

You are known as pretty extreme. Is this a lifestyle for you?
Yes, sure. There is too much routine in our lives. I like extreme sports such as racing and base jumping, but the most extreme one is sex—and it is a lifestyle for me. I think about sex all the time. But, actually, it is difficult to find a man who could fully satisfy me. I think I found a good way out of this problem. This is porn. Now almost every day very different men can help my sex fantasies come true—and sometimes in a really crazy and extreme way.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done on camera? What about off?
I’ve done a lot of extreme things. I’ve done double anal, triple and even quadruple anal penetration with dildos, fisting, double anal fisting, pissing and numerous gangbangs among them. Every scene was a little masterpiece and particular achievement for me. I could watch each one for hours choosing the best and the worst episodes, laughing at actors and myself. As to my regular life, the craziest thing here was public sex on the stage of a nightclub. Later I remembered this occasion very often and still think about it with great excitement.

What is a dream sexual scenario that you’d like to shoot?
I’d love to shoot something very glamorous and dirty at the same time. I like black guys very much, so I’d choose them as actors. Six black guys would be enough. The location also plays a very important role for me. In this case I’d prefer a large nudist beach where a lot of people are standing around. I want the boys to find me sunbathing and cruelly manhandle me as if I were meat in the middle of this beach so that nobody could help me. After I’d feel exhausted and greatly desirable. I’d like to shoot a scenario of this type; something very perverse.

What’s your favorite thing about shooting porn?
What I like most of all is that I can attract men’s attention as a sexy woman. I can show my sexuality and temperament. Doing porn, I realize my creative and, in some way, even intellectual potential. It makes me more confident and successful in my everyday life. Besides, I am an exhibitionist a little, I also enjoy demonstrating my naked body. But, at heart, all this is nothing compared with feeling that you are a porn star and everybody wants you. It is simply amazing.

Have you shot in the U.S. yet?
Unfortunately, I haven’t worked there yet but I’ve had good experiences filming for American producers in Europe. And I feel more enthusiastic shooting for them, because the U.S. is the leading producer of adult content in the world. Most of the titans of this industry are from America. Indeed, the U.S. can make me a big star and that’s why I like shooting for those companies.

If you weren’t a performer, what other career would you like to have?
I think I’d have become a doctor like my mother. I grew up in the atmosphere where love and care of people were professional qualities. And I still perceive healthcare workers as if they were my second parents who take the same care of me. I found this idea being operated a couple of times. It is really a pity that nowadays not all physicians comply with these representations, increasingly focusing on the material side of their work.

What companies have you shot for, and if you had to pick out your top performances for people who’ve never seen your work, which ones would they be?
I’ve been shot for many companies including 21 Sextury, ATV, Moonlight, Devil’s Film, Marc Dorcel, Reality Kings, Evilutionplex and more, but my favorite one is Evil Angel. I think all my best scenes were for Evil. I can recommend Omar Galanti’s Queen of Gapes. My performances with Rocco Siffredi are worthwhile watching as well. All of them are very extreme and breathtaking. One of the most recent scenes I love was for David Perry’s Hose Monster 2, in which I do the hardest gangbang.

Were you a fan of porn before getting into the industry? If so, what kind of porn did you watch?
I got into the industry when I was 19. Of course, before this time I watched porn a lot, but I wasn’t keen on its producers and actors involved in it. I was very naïve and preferred amateur videos. Anal sex was not clear and strange for me, but despite that, I liked double-penetration scenes very much. I imagined myself to be an actress in those scenes. Later when I became an actress, I tried everything and wasn’t disappointed.

Do you work for adult studios, or stick to web work?
I work both for studios and for web. I think every actress would be happy to work with big and famous companies such as Playboy, Hustler, Kink and so on. They set high standards in this business and give the opportunity to express oneself from different sides.

This article originally ran in the December 2011 issue of AVN magazine.