Traffic Force Upgrades With Deeper Analytics, Targeting

LOS ANGELES—In July announced a major set of upgrades to its advertiser panel software, and hinted that even more features would soon be announced as part of Phase 2. Now just a month later the company is ready to provide details about the newly released second phase updates.

“Phase 1 of our big data initiative empowered Advertisers by enabling everyone to view hourly data from top to bottom on each and every one of their campaigns, ad channels, or ads any time and now phase 2 upgrades let them put that information to use even easier,” said Ross of “The new upgrades include hourly data on all targeting criteria throughout the entire platform, giving Advertisers access to an unprecedented amount of information that can be easily segmented to drill down to exactly the set of facts that are most important to the profitability of your own marketing campaigns.”

The upgradesto the reporting system further enable users to look through their ad buys by browser, OS, Country, Language, Devices, Device types, Mobile carrier, or pretty much any other criteria. With data compiled by serving more than 15 billion premium impressions each month among a network of top tier Publishers for expert media buyers and brand developers, Traffic Force says it understands the needs of its clients and works diligently to give you the competitive advantage you need to succeed in the modern marketplace.

“Advertisers who postback conversion data to us can now see their precise ROI on every single targeting criteria too, and disable anything that doesn't fall within their CPA goals,” Ross explained. “It’s the second round of some very useful UI improvements with more to come in the future as well.”