Payserve, Tainster End Partnership

THE NETHERLANDS—Paysite network and its co-brands and have ended their partnership with affiliate program Payserve.

For the past six years, Payserve took care of billing and webmaster partnerships for all sites in the Tainster network. While the relationship has been a successful one, both companies—IMC (Payserve) and DMM (Tainster)—agreed to part ways, effective Oct. 1.

DMM’s will soon debut a program that will run and feel the same as Payserve, no need to study a new website or interface and the technical part will be provided by again. Rebills are moved to the new program and will continue as usual and affiliates will be able to use known tools, galleries, banners, etc. as well as to try out new opportunities and products. All payouts will be done every month in time by wire and Paxum.

The new affiliate program will be announced in the next weeks with more details regarding the transfer and the opening. Webmasters will be urged to update their existing links with the new program links to assure tracking will work accurately.

“Both us and DMM are working hard to make the change as easy as possible for our affiliates and business partners,” said Roald Riepen of IMC. “We wish our friends at DMM the very best with the new setup of the Tainster network and want to say thank you for their trust and hard work over the past years.”

Webmasters having questions can visit for information, or contact Roald directly at [email protected]