New Studio Foxclore Films Comes to

SAN FRANCISCO—U.K.-based Foxclore Films is the newest studio to join Pink and White Productions' streaming site

The softcore-leaning Foxclore is helmed by Blath, an alternative, genderqueer model, trained photographer, self-taught director and graduate from the University of the Arts London.

"I know my films aren't hugely marketable to the typical 'porn consumer' archetype, but I'm not interested in making things for a mostly imaginary person who's being hugely over-catered to anyway," Blath said. "I'm interested in getting my own ideas from head to screen, and hoping that when someone sees that screen with those ideas, it resonates. They find it hot, or beautiful, or interesting, or hopefully some mix of all of those."

Blath continued, "The pool of filmmakers on is really inspiring. It can feel isolating making these kind of films, with only a few colleagues in your city or even country. Places like—whether physical or digital—bring those visions together to form a collective, fostering a feeling of community and direction."

Blath's works have been screened at the London Porn Film Festival, Scottish Queer International Film Festival and Berlin Porn Film Festival, and the director was recently featured on BBC's "Queer Britain: Porn Idols." is curated by Pink and White director and founder Shine Louise Houston, and serves to champion the work of emerging and independent adult moviemakers. The site hosts over 500 adult and erotic productions by queer and female directors from around the world.

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