JadeCreates Discusses Little Pink Box Lingerie

LOS ANGELES—The enterprising cam girl behind Little Pink Box lingerie admits her workload can sometimes be daunting.

“It's me and my apartment,” says the model known as JadeCreates. “My apartment is basically just sewing machines everywhere, fabric everywhere.

“It's just a hot mess.”

The 26-year-old native of Chicago does everything by herself, hand-making unique pieces for dozens of cam models, adult performers and numerous others who have discovered her creative flair.

“I definitely need to hire help now,” says Jade, who launched Little Pink Box last year in preparation for the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas in January.

“I'm always trying to push myself to see, am I gonna die today from exhaustion? How far can I push it? The orders are just coming in now, so I definitely want to expand and do it in a very good way, like a positive way. I want to help out people who are looking for jobs or artists that are in college.”

Jade’s online store, , features 24 different pieces, but she has many more styles that have yet to be unveiled as the demand for her provocative brand of intimate wear grows.

“The funny part is a lot of the designs, my newer designs from like the past four months aren't even on the website,” Jade says.

“It look a long time for me to develop what would make the lingerie because you can't get an itchy fabric; you can't get something that doesn't stretch or isn't durable because people are always pulling on it. So it took a lot of learning and a lot of the designs aren't even posted yet because literally I'm stuck sitting at this machine.”

Sometimes she’ll take a sexy selfie in one of her designs and post it on or Snapchat, where her followers give her instant feedback. When she debuts something new, it creates a buzz.

“It's crazy to have people be so interested in them,” Jade says. “I remember I had my first booth at the Chicago Exxxotica in July [2016]. There were girls literally arguing over who gets what. There just wasn't enough. It’s like candy to them.”

She names some of her designs after the models who give her inspiration. Little Pink Box offers The Ashe Maree Bralette and The Ashe Maree Garterbelt; The Elyce Bralette; and The Sophie Bralette, among other signature pieces. Other popular items include the Beaded Fringe Top, The Vampirella Bralette and Blackout Panties.

“Usually I'll take a photo, put it online and when I'm sitting there trying to figure out the description is when I decide the name,” Jade says.

“The number one all-time seller was probably my bikini. The designs are all basically the same, just I'll use different fabrics. I'm definitely going to venture into new styles and more covered butts, things that support full-figured breasts. I want to do underwire.”

Jade turns around her custom orders in about three weeks, shipping the finished product herself. She will even deliver in person at industry conventions.

“I never really have it on deck,” she says. “Whenever someone orders something I always get their sizing and then I just make it from scratch all over again.”

She first had the idea to make clothes in her early 20s when she would hang out at strip clubs, observe what the dancers were wearing and imagine ways to add her own personal touch.

“I would look at the girls and be like, ‘Oh, these outfits are awesome, I love their sparkly shoes,” she recalls. “I always wanted something more ridiculous, more gemmed, more glam and glittery and crazy, of course.”

While in the clubs, where Jade occasionally danced herself, she heard about the appeal of MyFreeCams. She signed up but didn’t begin to log on regularly until she was 22.

“Every time I logged on I just felt like the outfit wasn't cute enough or just wasn't different enough to get the people to come in, so I started just making my panties because they're so simple,” Jade says.

“I would just grab panties from Walmart, make a pattern, and then turn it into something completely different with different fabrics or gems. The MyFreeCams community just grabbed on, and then Chaturbate grabbed on, and then porn stars grabbed on, and then just regular people—boyfriends and girlfriends—all just loved it. It went from clubs to webcam and just blew up from there.”

The excitement for her designs reached another level when she set up in Vegas at the AVN Show this past January at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

“I remember MFC had hotel blocks, so we had floors of cam models. I remember having my room and the models would be like, ‘Oh, you're JadeCreates, nice to meet you. You're so beautiful in person. You’ve got a good energy.’ Because it's so different when you meet people in person. They ended up coming to my room and they would look at all my stuff. They were like, ‘How much is this? How much is that?’ They just bought out everything. I was like, ‘This is gonna work, I guess,’” Jade says.

Her talent caught the attention of Harli Lotts, the MFC star who will co-host the 2018 AVN Awards Show on January 27 with Angela White.

Lotts, who lives in Texas, has asked Jade to design her AVN dress. The two met in Chicago last year.

“She noticed my lingerie and she loved it,” Jade says. “We sat down and I think that's where we got the connection. She's always very supportive.

“I feel like every cam girl, we all follow each other. Some of us haven't really socialized because we're all so busy doing things, but we all support each other. Harli obviously is a very big model. She’s awesome sauce.”

Jade says Lotts will be donning a collector’s item corset—that was signed and worn by Madonna—paired with Little Pink Box lingerie for the AVN Awards ceremony at The Joint at Hard Rock.

“It's going to be very glittery and shiny and ridiculously awesome,” Jade promises.



She came up with the name Little Pink Box after first creating her logo, which is shaped like a butt.

“I was like, ‘What can I do with this?’ I like the color pink for it because it's very girly, very lingerie. Then I kept thinking, ‘Well, we're all pink on the inside,’” Jade reasons. “I also have a pink box that I carry around with me everywhere so it all just kind of fell into place.

“I had a couple of companies before and I didn't have the connection I have with Little Pink Box. I wasn't in love with it. Then all of the sudden I was just like, ‘Little Pink Box.’ I fell in love with it. It's like my baby now. This all happened so fast.”

Jade says the pink box she carries with her to shows is loaded with stacks of lingerie, pasties, jars of glitter, French bath bombs that she includes with her orders, and more.

Before forming the company she also sold denim-studded shorts—some adorned with the American flag.

“I had pockets that snapped off and you could put on different pockets,” she says.

That kind of versatility with each piece is a trademark of Little Pink Box; her lingerie transforms, allowing girls to mix and match.

“The idea to do it took a lot of trial and error,” she says. “I had to figure out the sturdiest way to do it, the easiest way to do it. It's really never that easy to do, it's work. But it's wonderful. I think the challenge is also sizing as well.”

She insures the pieces fit different body types and are “flattering for every size.”

“That's when the adjustable straps came into play and removable things came into play,” Jade continues. “Another difficult thing is even though it's adjustable I still want to get the exact sizing and measurements of each girl who orders something. I have them measure themselves so it fits to a tee.

“If they ever have an issue, they can contact me and I adjust whatever needs to be adjusted. I always keep up with my clients is another thing. I don't just send them something and that's it. You're more than welcome to keep in communication. I always want to fix things for everybody.”

Inspired by burlesque dancers such as Raquel Reed and fetish models such as Cervena Fox, Jade says Little Pink Box offers several items with fringe.

“I just love that burlesque style,” Jade says. “What I started doing is trying to recreate these ideas to make everything easier to wash, easier to wear. I always want you to have a second option, so when you wear it you can wear it very simply or you can add the fringe to it, and you can remove it. I always just wanted it to be washable, wearable and comfortable of course, because lingerie has to be comfortable.”

She learned to sew at “the University of YouTube.”

“I was terrible at first,” Jade confesses. “I remember the machine was like the devil, it would just always mess up on me. I was like, ‘I give up. I give up.’ I think my Mom got me a more modern machine, one that wasn't from the ’70s and actually worked. I just would read the directions. If I want to do it I'll pick up on it, and I will learn it. I just picked it up really quickly.

“Whenever anything went wrong or if I needed to learn how to do something I would just go on YouTube.”

Now she is so busy designing and filling orders, she has scaled way back on camming. It’s hard to get on cam knowing she’d really like to be sewing, Jade says.

“Now it's kind of like I'm trying to incorporate it into camming,” she says. “MyFreeCams started , which is their non-nude site, their sister site. I was thinking about that because camming stopped for a while to fulfill orders and get my company going.

“Now I'm starting to model. I'm starting to get bigger. It's not just the lingerie. Now it's like I'm also getting my name out there.”

Jade is featured in the latest edition of Inked magazine and has been chosen as one of the lead models for Inked’s new cam project, .

It’s impossible not to notice her assortment of body art, many of which are vibrant flowers. When she was 18, Jade actually was on her way to becoming an apprentice tattoo artist. Someday she says she’d be open to tattooing again.

“When things calm down and I get more help I'm definitely going to get back to tattooing because I absolutely love it,” says Jade, who comes from a family of florists.

She says she would also consider doing a weekly craft show with other cam girls, demonstrating how to make the items she sells.

“Because I'm all about sharing my ideas with other people. I want everybody to learn how to craft,” Jade says. “I'm not worried about my designs getting stolen or girls making their own lingerie; I encourage that. I think it's amazing. It made me the happiest ever. I just want someone else to feel that way as well.”

She says there are no plans to mass produce her lingerie because “I still love the connection that I have with people.”

“I love being able to communicate with them personally,” Jade continues. “I don't want someone to be uncomfortable. I want them to feel really happy with what they have. I want them to be confident and be like, ‘Fuck yeah. I want to make $5,000 tonight because I have a JadeCreates outfit on.’ So I think the next step is definitely hiring help, looking into new designs, new patterns, doing more events.”

And giving back.

“You can't keep taking. It's the circle of life. It's how it works,” she says. “I am so happy. I just can't even. … It’s just the most exciting thing. It's stressful but it's a good stress. It pushes me to be a better person every day.”





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