Hold the Phone! Naughty America Launches Hotline

SAN DIEGO—Adult brand Naughty America has been making great leaps into the future with virtual reality content. But today the company announced its next big move—and it’s one with roots in the adult industry’s past.

In a press release posted today, Naughty America announced that it is offering a modern take on the classic phone sex hotline. The hot chat will be similar to that heard on the 900 numbers of the past, but with an innovative twist.

Members of Naughty America will now have the ability to engage in a shared porn experience with a phone sex operator. When a member actively plays a porn video while on the hotline, both participants are able to view and discuss the video simultaneously.

"The Naughty America hotline enhances porn viewing," said Naughty America Marketing Director Scott Man. "We've found our members have a much more immersive experience when viewing our video content simultaneously with a live phone sex operator."

Naughty America’s "hotline" experience will allow the user to connect after just a few clicks to a real-time conversation with an individual who is viewing the same video. The member controls which videos are being viewed by both parties.

Naughty America is no stranger to embracing new technology. The company launched its debut VR porn scene in July of 2015, and that library continues to grow with two new VR scenes weekly. Naughty America also made in January of 2014 when it transitioned from traditional HD content to full 4K video content.

"The industry is evolving quicker than ever from a tech standpoint. We are already two years deep into creating virtual reality content and already looking ahead to the next innovation," Man said. "However, regardless of how quickly technology moves, it's always good to take a moment from time to time and look back on what has made adult content so great over the years. The vintage phone sex hotline is a great example of a timeless fantasy that, with a twist, still works today."

The Naughty America Hotline is now live and available to subscribers.

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