AEBN Launches Roku Channel

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Video-on-demand provider has launched a channel on offering pay-per-minute streaming directly to a television set of over 7,000 adult titles.

"We believe AEBN is the only mainstream or adult service offering pay-per-minute functionality through Roku," AEBN sales and marketing vice president Jerry Anders said. "This unique functionality eliminates the need for a monthly subscription. For privacy, we have made available a generic 'Spreadsheet Tutorial' icon to disguise the channel on the Roku menu. Friends and other members of your household are unlikely to be curious about this channel."

AEBN plans to add more than 200 movies per week to its Roku service. The service includes premium HD movies and 48-hour rental options.

AEBN movie offerings are also compatible with iOS, Android and Google TV interfaces, in addition to Roku. For further information, click .