Dirty Deeds Media Teases Its New TV Series 'Xposed'

Damien Kane, president and CEO of Dirty Deeds Media, has released onto YouTube a into its upcoming TV series Xposed—a scene from Season One, Episode 1: Alexis Texas.

Kane said, "For the year 2014, Dirty Deeds Media will come into the new year with a big bang. It's about time the adult industry evolves and catches up with new technology. Dirty Deeds came into this industry knowing that we had innovative ideas with investors with big pockets. DVD sales go down every year to the point where they're not profitable unless you're directing a low-budget film. Like it or not the Internet is what’s keeping the industry alive and mark my words, in the year 2014, other studios will be coming to us to make sales. New year, big plans!"

Dirty Deeds Media looks to have offices in Connecticut, Georgia, California, Florida, New York, Nevada, Michigan, Texas and Hawaii, a company release stated. "We will travel throughout, bringing nothing but the best."

The Dirty Deeds Media website is still under construction, but will be found when ready.