Tremor To Create Anna Bell Peaks Signature Edition

LAS VEGAS—r, the Rock and Roll Sex Toy, is excited to announce its first Signature Edition in conjunction with adult entertainment inked superstar Anna Bell Peaks.

The Signature Edition is on display at AVN’s Adult Entertainment Expo this week in Anna’s booth; and now available for immediate shipping.

“I’m excited to be returning to the show this year with my own booth filled with everything Anna Bell Peaks and to meet my existing fans and make some new ones. I’m especially excited to have my Signature Edition Tremor on display for the first time in my booth! I’ve loved every minute of working with the Tremor team and it's truly the highlight of my career so far to see this go from a ‘Hey what about a Anna Bell Peaks version of the Tremor’ conversation to there actually being one … I’m truly blessed to be in a business I love surrounded by creative people that challenge me and help build my career.”

Anna Bell Peaks was selected as the spokesmodel for Tremor after her appearance in the commercial shoot for the Tremor. Anna was also the very first person to ever experience a ride on the Tremor. Anna appeared in the Tremor booth at all three 2017 Exxxotica Expo events each with huge lines of adoring fans anxious to meet the superstar. The Tremor team collaborated with Anna Bell Peaks in the development of her Signature Edition Tremor; which features a special version of The Rockabilly silicone attachment in Anna’s trademark pink hair color; a comfort pad and a Bridge both in black silicone attachment. The Anna Bell Peaks’ Signature Edition has Anna’s autograph prominently emblazoned across the front of the Tremor and buyers receive an autographed photo.

The Tremor rocked the industry in 2017. The company, which officially released the Tremor in June 2017, has garnered numerous award nominations and a wildly loyal fan base. This success and adoration is in part due to the strong connection between the Adult Entertainment industry and the product. Tremor has partnered with some of the top companies in the industry to put their product in the hands of cam models, porn stars and producers; which in turn has the eye of millions of consumers all over the world.

“The chemistry was evident from the moment we met Anna” said Pete Housley of Naughty Business. “We had an amazing first experience with her which lead to her being The Tremor spokesmodel and eventually to the collaboration on the development of her own Signature Edition Tremor. 2017 was an amazing year for Tremor and we finished stronger than we ever expected!”

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