Stockroom Encounters Foot-Fetish Influx

LOS ANGELES - , has reported an overwhelming response to a relatively new product for foot fetishists. Earlier this spring, Stockroom introduced the SiFeet Pussy Foot, from , a fully functioning, faux vagina on the underbelly of a perfectly formed, size six, 100-percent silicone female foot. buyer Chris Kalev responded to the phenomenon, saying, "We sell lots of cutting-edge, original items, but this one takes the cake, for feel, look, and inventiveness." Stockroom also was flattered that Pioneer Products contacted the BDSM/fetish novelty company to distribute the "bizarre and beautiful toy. It speaks well of our image," he continued.'s marketing director, Juli Crockett, was equally as thrilled with the popularity of the Pussy Foot. "The healthy enthusiasm we bring to the alternative sex scene is contagious," she stated. "This item has shown up on numerous blogs and was brilliantly featured on , one of our beloved affiliate sites. It's so satisfying when you take a risk with something new and the reward is this immediate."

Earlier this year, Crockett also helped orchestrate a one-of-a-kind "actual customer letter" advertising campaign in in an effort to bridge the gap between alternative and mainstream. "We chose The Onion... not to take the edge off what we do, but to uplift freedom of sexual expression," she explained. "As kink pops up more frequently in fashion, films, and on television, we feel it is our duty to broadcast an accessible, sex-positive message that has a long reach. Everything begins on the home site, but branches out through affiliates, through advertising, through blogs, and before you know it, the message is everywhere."