Pink Diamond Bounces Into Adult With Magic Ball

VALLEY VILLAGE, Calif.—To look at the Magic Ball from Pink Diamond, you’d never guess the interesting story behind the device.

What basically looks like a traditional exercise/yoga ball with a penis or anal plug sticking up from the surface, the Magic Ball was designed by a doctor whose female patients were complaining that they were having trouble reaching orgasm.

“He knew that when women relaxed, not only did they produce endorphins to increase their libido, but they also often relaxed enough to enjoy sex,” Sharon C., company rep for Pink Diamond and wife of the doctor in question, told AVN. “The Magic Ball combines exercise and sex to help those women.”

The Magic Ball is a 65-inch exercise ball that has a realistic dong (another version has a dong and a butt plug) molded right into the design. Easy to deflate and store, Magic Ball also makes an ideal bedroom accessory for individuals and couples who require discreet storage but still like to spice it up behind closed doors. Suitable for all users, this sex toy is also small enough to store under the bed when deflated.

The Magic Ball holds up to 330 pounds, and inflates easily using a hand-held (which is included with the Magic Ball) or small electrical pump.

The built-in handles on the side allow the user to keep them centered as they bounce up and down on the attached dildo and/or anal plug.

And while other manufacturers have produced similar balls with detachable dongs, the Magic Ball is the first to have the dong and plug as part of the mold, which makes for easier care and cleaning. (The Magic Ball can easily be cleaned with soap and water.)

While Pink Diamond exhibited for the first time at the recent AVN Novelty Expo, they have already made a splash in the world of adult.

“We approached a few of the adult studios with the product and they went crazy for it,” Sharon said. “They said it was just what they needed to make a sexercise movie.”

To date, she said, Filly Films, Combat Zone and Hustler have shots scenes with performers using the Magic Ball, and others have committed to shooting scene with the ball.

The ball is unisex, meaning women can use it for vaginal or anal pleasure, or to experience the sensation of double penetration, while men can use it for prostate stimulation.

The Magic Ball retails for $99.99 with the dong attachment and for $115 with both the dong and plug.

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