Kaylani Lei Gets Real With RealDoll

LOS ANGELES—When Wicked Pictures first commenced production on Brad Armstrong's award-winning cyberpunk adventure 2040, the project was touted as utilizing "authentic props and sets from some of today's finest A-budget sci-fi films." A key component of this technical outreach was the use of lifelike creations by famed love doll innovator RealDoll to personify the sexy androids featured in the story.

Wicked soon took this collaboration to the next level by partnering with RealDoll to create Wicked RealDolls ... licensed, fully articulated and completely realistic representations of the Wicked Girls and other top adult stars.
The line debuted when dolls of Jessica Drake and Alektra Blue were unveiled at the 2010 Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas.

Now, just in time for the holidays and the 2011 Adult Entertainment Expo, the Kaylani Lei Wicked RealDoll has arrived. The final product will be unveiled to the public at Wicked's 2011 AEE booth.

Lei has been involved with the project since conception, and she couldn't be happier with the way things came to fruition.

"This has been an amazing journey, one that I will never forget. I truly enjoyed every moment that went into the process of making this doll, from the 3D scanning to the molding," she said. With tongue firmly in cheek, she added, "It's great to finally have a carpool buddy that I can depend on!

"Many thanks to Wicked and Real Doll for this opportunity. I know my fans will enjoy the doll. I can't wait for you all to take me home, so what are you waiting for? Order me online now at ."

As with the Jessica Drake and Alektra Blue dolls, has announced that the Kaylani Lei doll comes standard with the following features:

• A new articulated spine, which allows for completely realistic and natural torso positioning and range of motion.

• The most current techniques in advanced RealDoll weight reduction.

• The new removable deep throat mouth insert, which features a canal that goes down the throat of the doll versus straight back into the head, for up to 7 inches of penetration.

• Full head design, without magnets or Velcro. All components are modular for easy replacement and cleaning/maintenance.

• A numbered certificate of authenticity signed by Kaylani Lei.

• A bonus package from Wicked with a copy of 2040 on DVD, a one-year membership to , an autographed photograph and a bottle of perfume chosen by Kaylani.

RealDoll owner Matthew McMullen is pleased to be adding the exotic Lei to the elite line of dolls to be featured at AEE.

"We are extremely happy to announce that the Kaylani Lei Wicked RealDoll is now finished and ready for production. This is the third doll in the line, and we anticipate that she will be very popular due to her petite size, which makes for a very light doll. The prototype doll weighed in at just under 70 pounds, and production models may be even lighter than this. We are excited to continue expanding the Wicked line, and are already hard at work on the next doll."

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