Simple Pleasure: The Fifi Stroker Hits Retail

This article originally ran in the July 2016 issue of Intimate magazine. for a link to the digital edition.

One could make a convincing case that the KISS Principle is just as important in sex toy design as it is in any sort of engineering project. Change it to “Keep It Simple, Sexy” and you have a motto for fifi, a new masturbator from Whizworx.

Back in July of 2015, the guys behind fifi created a disposable stroker that offered something unique in the men’s sex toy market. The past year fifi has been sold mostly online, but now Whizworx is moving ahead with plans to get fifi into more retail outlets.

What sets fifi apart is both the simplicity of its design and the ease with which it can be used.

As to the first point, the fifi is a simple design that nonetheless is a major improvement over such makeshift items as socks or bathroom towels. The fifi uses a removable, soft cushion that warms with use for a realistic sensation. The outer sleeve currently comes in five colors. With strategically placed Velcro, the user can fasten the fifi tightly or loosely depending on his preference. The fifi’s pliability means that it can be squeezed to add pressure evenly at the tip or base.

Regarding the second point, said David Bramo of Whizworx, “Until now, almost all male masturbators on the market have required cleaning, powdering, and drying after use. Those that advertise as disposable are too costly to really be a disposable commodity. After orgasm, the last thing guys want to do is spend twenty minutes scrubbing their own semen out of a sex toy. The fifi eliminates this nasty step by using disposable sleeves that are simply thrown away after each use.”

Another standout feature is the fifi’s discreet appearance. It looks like a neck pillow, so nobody will know what it actually is. Not only is fifi great for traveling, but it also won’t embarrass your significant other if you leave it out in plain view.

AVN turned to David Bramo, the man behind the brand, to find more about fifi.

Who are the two guys behind Fifi? What are your backgrounds?

I’m the driving force, inventor of the brand and head masturbator. The other person is an investor who masturbates more than me, but doesn’t partake in the daily grind. Think of him as Mark Cuban. He likes to invest in ideas that tickle his pickle. I worked at AEBN for 10 years as art director. Before moving into adult, I mostly worked at boring ad agencies.

What was the aha! moment when you came up with the idea, and name, for fifi?

I’ve tried Fleshlight, Tenga products, Auto-Blow, RealTouch, Zolo Cup and others. The biggest annoyance in using them for me has been the clean-up. You have to scrub, powder, and dry them. I’m also somewhat of a germophobe, so sanitation was always on my mind while reusing products. A friend of mine sent me a video of somebody making a prison fifi. The name fifi is slang for a homemade masturbator. He took a rubber glove and rolled it up in a towel—then added lube and made a pocket pussy out of it. I thought it was genius because it offered an affordable disposable solution, being that you could just toss the glove after use. I made one myself from the same materials and was surprised how well it worked (minus the fact that the rubber glove broke). So that was the “aha” moment: I could make a better towel and rubber glove and sell them. And unlike any other male sex toy on the market this one would offer a recurring revenue model with sleeve rebuys.

How did you roll out fifi to consumers?

When we first launched we started with AdWords. From there, we tried the social thing, which turned into a nightmare. We then moved more into banner advertisements, placing them anywhere were men would be masturbating online (mainly tube sites). We wanted to instill humor into our advertisements along with getting across fifi’s main attributes (no-mess cleanup and discretion). We also like to say, “It’s better than your hand” because at the end of the day, the human hand is our largest competitor.

Advertising is our biggest driver to get fifi in front of consumers. We plan on continuing to advertise at a high level as we roll into wholesale and retail shops. I feel that’s going to be a huge part of our success and will allow for name recognition. I want people to know fifi before walking into a store. Because fifi is so discreet, we plan on getting the product into more mainstream shops that wouldn’t normally carry a male masturbator.

What type of sites have done well with fifi’s affiliate program?

Review sites have done particular well. With Amazon taking over the world of ecommerce, I think people are more and more looking for them to make a purchase. We’ve also had some good results with coupon sites and adult sites that focus on a particular niche. Lastly, a few cam girls have come on board.

Now you’re moving into brick-and-mortar sales. Can you talk more about that?

So far the majority of our sales have been through our website. Now, we’re becoming our own wholesaler. We’re really looking forward to getting into brick-and-mortar stores. Like I mentioned earlier, we plan on spending a good amount on advertising, which will help in-store sales. We’re also looking forward to getting our product into more than adult stores. Because it’s so discreet, we’re hoping to get into drugstores and other outlets that carry female products but nothing for guys.

We invite all retailers to carry fifi and reap the benefits of the first male masturbator on the market that has recurring revenue. Our online data shows a high percentage of repeat users purchasing sleeves with many first purchases including quantities of 20-50 sleeves. As a retailer carrying fifi, you will be supplied with a beautiful shelf display and other marketing materials to help catch the consumer’s eye. Join us in offering your consumer something new: a no-mess, sanitary, discreet masturbator for men. Just think about all the poor, crusty socks you’ll be saving!

Email [email protected] for details and pricing. Or for more information on the distributors carrying fifi.