Dismissal Granted in HushHush Entertainment vs. MindGeek Suit

MIAMI, Fla.—U.S. District Judge Jose E. Martinez today granted the dismissal sought by both parties in the lawsuit HushHush Entertainment, Inc. v. MindGeek USA, Inc., et al, originally filed last October.

In the suit, HushHush had charged that MindGeek and its subsidiaries and affiliates had "allowed, permitted and benefitted from HushHush Entertainment's adult content which was improperly uploaded onto Defendants’ free sites, and then transferred and controlled by Defendants to their own pay sites for all its pay members to view." More information on the suit can be found .

However, on Friday, July 22, all of the parties involved filed a Stipulation of Voluntary Dismissal with the court, dismissing all claims detailed in the lawsuit, though without prejudice, meaning that a suit involving the same materials could still be filed at some time in the future. The parties also stipulated that they would each bear their own legal costs. That stipulation was granted by Judge Martinez today, who agreed to dismiss the case, as well as any outstanding motions attendant to the suit, without prejudice.