Vivid Ships <i>Toastee Exposed</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Vivid Entertainment has set a June 28 street date for Toastee Exposed, a 40-minute sex tape featuring reality TV contestant Jennifer "Toastee" Toof of VH1's 'Flavor of Love 2' and its spinoff, 'Flavor of Love Girls Charm School'.

Born and raised in suburban Philadelphia, 23-year-old Toof majored in psychology at Northeastern University. She was eliminated from VH1's 'Flavor of Love 2' competition after producers discovered that she had been a nude model and appeared in a porn movie under the stage name "Natalia the Scissor Vixen" – known for clamping men's heads between her thighs. She has also been a guest on the syndicated Tyra Banks Show.

Toastee Exposed depicts Toof in action with an unidentified male. reported earlier today that one of Toof's ex-boyfriends [referred to only as "Jeffrey"] threatened legal action against Vivid when he became convinced that the hand slapping Toof's buttocks in a trailer for the video was his own. Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch reportedly showed an extended version of the video to the aggrieved ex, proving that the man in the video was not "Jeffrey".

According to TMZ, "After the viewing, "Jeffrey" apologized for the controversy and told Hirsch, 'Toastee and I did have some spanking good times though.'"

Vivid bought the rights to the Toastee Exposed footage from "celebrity image broker" David Hans Schmitt in April. The release was briefly delayed when Red Light District's David Joseph came forward claiming that Schmitt had already agreed to sell the footage to RLD.

"Toastee is cute, energetic and a talented contortionist," said Hirsch. "I think her enthusiasm for sex is obvious."

Toof says she has now been accepted to medical school. When asked about the video in an interview with Philadelphia Daily News columnist Dan Gross, she replied: "I don't really care ... It just happened. I could fight it, but my time and money is going to school."

A free preview of the video is available online at . To order Toastee Exposed, call Howard Levine at (866) 466-6969 ext. 107 or e-mail [email protected]