‘Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2’ Now Available as Download, on DVD

SAN FRANCISCO—The biggest release of 2017 for Falcon Studios, Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2, is now available for download and on DVD.

Chi Chi LaRue returns to Falcon Studios to direct the continuation of one of the most talked-about and successful gay porn movies of all time, Heaven to Hell, produced 12 years ago.

Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2 is an epic story of good versus evil and of paradise lost and pleasure found, which is now available on DVD and download from the Falcon Studios Group Store or fans can visit to check out teasers, trailers and galleries of models and action from the film.

The award-winning cast of Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2 includes exclusives Brent Corrigan, Sean Zevran, JJ Knight and Johnny V as well as the return of exclusive Andrew Stark. The release features a cameo by mega-porn-star Brad Patton and the return of superstar Blake Riley after a nine-year absence from the gay porn industry. Industry icon Dean Monroe reprises his ‘Heaven to Hell’ role of Devil, and superb performers Trelino, Arad Winwin, Gabriel Alanzo, Armond Rizzo and Andre Donovan complete the extraordinary lineup. Award-winning directors Tony Dimarco and mr. Pam assist LaRue in the cinematography department and mr. Pam shot the spectacular still photos for the release.

In Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2, the Devil (Dean Monroe) rules with a harsh hand and his soulless Dark Angels do his evil bidding, reigning terror over all who cross their paths. The Devils slave, Rogue (Skyy Knox) refuses to accept this fate and escapes to the world above, making him Earthbound. On earth, Lord (Andrew Stark) is on a mission to find out who's ripping him off, but Snitch (Trelino) gets in his way and he must pay with a powerful pounding. Frustrated by one of his Rouge going astray, the Devil demands his other minions to service him. Dark Angels Sean Zevran, Arad Winwin and Gabriel Alanzo do as they are told in an epic, hedonistic group sex marathon.

Lord is angered and equally in need of relief when he orders his sidekick, Alleycat (Armond Rizzo), to ease the sexual tensions built up in his massive dick with a tender yet intense session. While on a fact-finding mission, Henchman (JJ Knight) comes across the mysterious Biker (Blake Riley) and their anonymous session leads to them cumming hard across each other's faces and bodies. As Dark Angel (Andre Donovan) closes in on capturing Rogue in a nightclub, he can’t resist the sexual energy and astonishing good looks of Barfly (Johnny V). The powerful lust of the moment distracts this Dark Angel from his mission, meanwhile, Rogue discovers angelic gogo dancer, Lucky (Brent Corrigan) and finds true love in him, consummated in a passionate and romantic love-making rendezvous, the breathtaking encounter breaks the ties that bind Rogue to an eternal hell. Human kindness is put to the test as lust and desire fuel the suspense in this highly stylized, erotic, XXX thriller where sex is king but love conquers all!

"My dirty dream has come true, and Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2 is better than I could've ever imagined!” said director Chi Chi LaRue. “This isn't just a porn, it's an event! I'm so happy with the outcome!"

“I couldn’t be any happier with my team and everyone involved making Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2 a reality,” said Falcon Studios Group President Tim Valenti. “A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into making this masterpiece and I can’t wait for the world to see the results!”

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